About us

Who We Are

Clover Aquatics is a small, experienced team in Boston who love the art and the challenge of creating unique, beautiful fresh water aquariums.  We are experts in the breeding and care of beautiful Black Moscow guppies. 

Why Clover Aquatics?

When we started in the hobby, the vast majority of Moscows were only available from large breeding farms outside the United States.  Getting healthy, genuine Moscows was a challenge.  With the risks of international purchasing and shipping, it took a lot of luck to get good stock and have it survive.  We started Clover to change that.  To bring you more than luck; to take those risks away.  After a few years of care and selective breeding, we offer you Moscows that are:

  • 100% USA born and raised
  • In small, healthy communities
  • Surrounded by live plants in double-carbon filtered tanks

The result is a strong, healthy Moscows we can offer with domestic shipping, and a complementary selection of fish and plants that we also hand raise and know work well to support a clean, robust fresh water aquarium.  

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All the Best,

The Clover Aquatics Team

Instagram: clover_aquatics